The Financial Laboratory is a specialized dealing room innovatively designed
and equipped for educational and academic research activities.

It is located at the International Education Centre in Kielnarowa at the University of Information
Technology and Management (UITM) Rzeszow where the Institute is located.


The IBAF’s financial laboratorium project was patterned after the best methods in the world for creating professional transaction rooms at universities in order to provide not only financial education under exceptional conditions, but also for carrying out even the most advanced academic research. Below some laboratories of this type are described.


Rotman Finance Lab – Canada



Financial Research and Trading Lab (FRTL), created by the Joseph L. Rotman School of Management in Toronto, connects the advantages of advanced computer equipment with analytic programming and financial information databases. The laboratorium’s function is to enhance the quality of education by providing students with access to the world’s financial markets in real-time. The project also helps to link theoretical knowledge with practice, which results in graduates who are more competitive on the job market. Thanks to the laboratorium the university aims to become an innovator in the development of new teaching programs, business initiatives, stimulation of new developments in programming and many other activities. FRTL employs 12 specialists in the laboratorium to support students and lecturers throughout the academic year.


Elements of the lab’s equipment:
1)    30 workstations equipped with dual LCD monitors,
2)    1 terminal with a Bloomberg platform,
3)    Two projector screens,
4)    An integrated sound system,
5)    two data walls (financial information displays).




Netcentric Financial Markets Laboratory – U.S.A.


The Netcentric Financial Markets lab was opened in 2001 at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business. It is comprised of two rooms – Financial Markets Netcentric Teaching Theater and the Netcentric Financial Markets Data Center. The first is used for class lectures, while the second is for student research and practice. In both rooms there are a total of 48 terminals and 96 seats.
In the lab, students are able to perform analysis in both historical and real-time methods. They are also able to create investment portfolios using professional programming.





Financial Trading Room – Singapur


The financial laboratorium at Nanyang Business School in Singapore was created to provide practical transaction training for students of capital markets.  The lab was designed in a way that facilitates interactive contact between students and the teacher. On the wall there is a main monitor displaying market information. Each of the 50 computer stations is equipped with two monitors so that students can use two applications simultaneously. The room’s design also provides for appropriate natural lighting. This was done to support the learning process.





Applied Finance Lab – U.S.A.


VSB’s Applied Finance Lab is a center of financial research and education, which creates a unique bridge between theory and business practice. The Laboratorium makes us of the latest technologies in the learning process. It’s a room which provices a full simulation of  financial transactions. The Laboratorium was designed to provide students with the same type of equipment and sources of data that the traders on Wall Street have.


The lab includes:
1)    2 Bloomberg workstations,
2)    13 Reuters workstations,
3)    Ex-trader – a Baruch College simulation,
4)    A room for presentation of certain modules,
5)    A students’ center – for project groups.






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